My Top 5 Stephen King Books

I have been a huge fan of Stephen King ever since the mid-seventies, when he took the literary world by storm with his first novel, Carrie, about a young girl with awesome telekinetic powers. King has, of course, gone on to write many more fantastic novels. Some have been great, some not so great. Here are my top 5 Stephen King books from the former category:

1. Salem's Lot – Without a doubt, my all time favorite Stephen King book. This spine chilling classic – King's second book after Carrie – about a Dracula-like vampire by the name of Kurt Barlow, who spreads his plague of vampirism through a small Peyton Place-style town just oozes sheet horror and menace from every page. And being a BIG fan of Bram Stoker's Dracula, well, what can I say? Salem's Lot ticks all the right boxes for me. A true horror classic, and my second all time favorite vampire novel after Dracula.

2. The Shining – The ultimate haunted hotel story. King does a brilliant job here in telling the story of Jack Torrance, who carries much emotional baggage with him (triggered by his torturous relationship with his father) as takes up a job as winter caretaker of the Overlook Hotel, accommodated by his wife Wendy and son Danny. The Overlook is truly the hotel of your worst nights, and as all its resident ghosts and malevolent atmosphere begin to manifest into the Torrance's lives, you can really feel the claustrophobic sense of horror that the snowed-in family begins to experience. The Shining is a veritable masterpiece of creepy fiction.

3. Misery – Stephen King actually created a terrifying and unforgivable character in Annie Wilkes, the psychotic nurse who holds writer Paul Sheldon prisoner in her secluded cottage after pulling him out of a car accident in which he broke both legs. You can just cut the tension with a knife as Annie, enraged on discovering that Paul has killed off her favorite character, Misery Chastain, forces him to bring her back in a new novel. And nowhere is her insane wrath made more starkly evident than in the notorious hobbling scene. Annie Wilkes really is the crazed fan from hell.

4. Pet Sematary – My favorite back-from-the-dead story. There is certainly a valuable lesson to be learned here for anyone who might harbor wild ideas about attempting to resurrect a Deceased pet or loved one: never EVER bury their corpse in an old Indian burial ground. You may be sorry, as the protagonist of this novel, Louis Creed, certainly was in this truly terrifying novel. Loved the movie version too.

5. IT – What could be more horrifying and disturbing than encountering a shapeshifting entity that can take on the form of our worst fear? Well, meet Pennywise, the demonic clown who does just that in King's epic novel of a small town intermittently hated by a monster as old as even time itself. IT is a truly fantastic read, and such a huge doorstopper of a novel too. Right from the moment when the evil Pennywise makes his first appearance down in the storm drain and taunts – and often kills – poor little Georgie, I was utterly hooked from start to finish. And when I finally finished the book, I enjoyed it so much that I STILL felt like I could go on reading more of it. It really was that good. I especially loved all the little homages to classic horror monsters, like the vampire and the werewolf that King peppered into his story. So if you want to get stuck into IT, my advice is to read the novel and shun the three-hour TV movie, which was nowhere near good.

Source by Alan Toner

Bridging the Language Gap Using Bilingual Picture Books

There are more than 39 million Hispanics live in the United States making it the fifth largest Spanish-speaking nation in the world. It is estimated that within five years, only Mexico will have more Spanish-speakers than the US Schools are offering bilingual courses and fully integrated bilingual curriculum. In some areas of the country, Spanish even excludes English as the first language of the residents. Families are integrating languages ​​into their neighborhoods regularly.

We propose bridging the language gap with bilingual picture books that both educate and entertain. The presence of both English and Spanish in the same book allows cross-cultural access and language development. Reading is a wonderful family experience which allows children to explore character development, expanding imagination and develop problem solving skills. The addition of another language educates and the illustrations in a picture book support the learning in an entertaining way.

Raven Tree Press offer bilingual books in a variety of styles and choices.

Full text translation – Full text translation means the text of the story is presented in English and then again in Spanish. Both texts are generally placed on the page with an icon separating the two for ease of reading. A different ink color is also generally used to further offset the two languages.

Embedded text – Take a story in English and sprinkle in a little Spanish. We call it embedded text. The word that will be embedded is usually first introduced in English and then reiterated in the sentence, or at least in the same paragraph in Spanish later. Once the word is introduced, it can be used again and again in context of the story. The context of the story and the illustrations are of utmost importance when using embedded text as they aid in making the leap from one language to another.

Wordless – Can a wordless book be effective in learning language? Definitely! Wordless picture books and picture books with limited words are both beautiful and educational. They help children develop language, creative thinking and enhancement future reading and writing skills. Using wordless picture books, children learn that reading follows a left-to-right pattern. They learn that stories generally have a beginning, a middle section and an ending. They also learn to identify details, see cause and effect, make judgments and draw conclusions. We present an instruction page in both English and Spanish for creative uses of our books.

Concept Bilingual – In concept bilingual books, we take one concept of language and focus strictly on that. Counting, for example. The story is presented in English, but the concept (numbers in this case) are presented in both English and Spanish. Keywords are easily learned using this format.

Raven Tree Press includes an English / Spanish vocabulary page to help readers with keywords in either language.

Raven Tree Press children's bilingual picture books are available at favorite bookstores, online booksellers and at the publisher's web site .

Publisher Note: Book excerpts and artwork can be imbedded in this article easily to clarify points if interested. Please contact me for further details.

Source by Dawn Jeffers

Sell ​​Books on Amazon – How to Write Your Description and Crucial Book Terminology

Probably the most important thing you will have control over when you list your used books for sale on Amazon is to add a full, detailed, 'sell-able' description of the condition of your book to the Amazon Seller's listing form.

Since the buyer can not pick up and look over your book, actually touch and feel it and thumb through the pages, it's your responsibility to faithfully and honestly describe the item. You will need to:

• Put in what the buyer wants to know.

• Put in what the buyer needs to know.

• Put in what the buyer might be surprised to know. (ie, "Book signed by author")

• Put in a second reason to buy. (ie, "First Edition")

• Tell the buyer he or she can be confident that the book will be packed well and shipped promptly.

• Offer a freebie (ie, "Free delivery confirmation to ensure accurate delivery to you")

Here is a sample that I've used that looks to work very well. I have this on a template page loaded onto my computer.

I pull up the lists (they are in very basic Notepad text format to avoid having data conversion problems if they were in MS Office or some-such other word processing software program which seems compelled to add strange formatting options to what I type), and All I have to do is copy-and-paste the description which closely matches what I'm selling, insert it into the right spot on the form, then go in and edit it 10-15 seconds to accurately match the book's condition.


Condition: Used – Good

Comments: Good condition, hardcover, sixth printing 1952. No dust cover. Exception for 2 inscriptions inside front cover, there is no writing or highlighting noted on the inside pages. Edges and spine of cover scuffed lightly, spine OK, binding OK. Good copy for reading or research on this topic. In stock and ready to ship today. We ship USPS standard media mail with free delivery confirmation to ensure timely, accurate delivery direct to you.

It makes no sense to list condition of the book as "Like New" if it is truly "Good" condition. Stretching the truth is a sure way to squeeze your profits selling on Amazon!

Lately I've been adding in the fact that my own seller rating is quite high. I do this not to brag; rather, I add this type of remark to set myself apart from other sellers.

Amazon Third-Party Sellers are ranked by feedback received, and the "Star" ratings do indeed influence who buyers will order from.

A seller with a low rating might not ship on time, or might be guilty of not describing the book accurately, or maybe not even ship the book! Whatever the reasons, regular buyers tend to shy away from sellers who have low ratings, and steer their business to those sellers who get good feedback.

I now add a phrase similar to this to new books I list for sale on Amazon:

"Buy with confidence from 5-Star Amazon Seller!"

Short, simple, and to the point. No bragging. Just the facts. I DO have a 5-Star Rating, and I want to bring their attention to that and set their mind at ease so they will not wonder if they are risking their money buying my book over the other 50 books of the same title bidding for their attention.

Many sellers mention their turnaround times ("We ship same day!") Or number of books shipped per day ("Thousand shipped daily!") Or some other promise of dependability. My advice is to find your own unique selling proposition that will set you head and shoulders above your competitors.

In the event you do not know how, here is a quick example of how to copy and paste using a Windows computer keyboard:

I've found it's much easier to type up the description of books in Notepad, then copy and paste using old-school keyboard techniques.

  1. Use your mouse or your laptop mouse to highlight the text your want to copy, then hold down the CTRL button (located at the bottom left of your computer keyboard) and press the "C" key. That copies it to your clipboard.
  2. Go over to the screen showing your Amazon book listing form, click your cursor onto the "Comments" box, the hold down the CTRL button and press the "V" key. This pastes it into the form. Saves you tons of typing.
  3. If you need to make a small change to the copy – say, for instance, the spine on a paperback is creased and torn slightly – then you can scroll to that part of the description, type it in, and click the "Submit" button . All done!

Move on to the next book. Copy. Repeat. Rinse. Nothing could be easier!

Now that you know one of the most important things that will help you sell more books, CDs and DVDs on Amazon, put this know-how into practice to make extra money in your spare time in this easy work-at-home business. By fully and completely describing your items using these simple tips, you're sure to sell more, make more money, and enjoy a respectful seller rating, too!

Source by Steve Johnson

Critical Review of the Book Titled "Sal-A Feast of Kashmiri Cuisine"

I wanted to prepare a typical Kashmiri Sherbat at the time of Ramzaan. I was searching for Kashmiri recipes. I was not very fortunate enough to know about it. Luckily I discovered the details of the recipe in the book titled "Sal-A Feast of Kashmiri Cuisine". It was written by Smt. Neerja Mattoo-a Professor in English literature and teaching in the Kashmir University. It was a colorful book with lots of recipes from the valley. It was published in the year of 2008. The name of the publisher was Gulshan Books, Srinagar-Kashmir. The ISBN is 81-8339-063-3. The cost of the book is Rs.495.

The book is dedicated to her mother. The contents of the book are:

1. 11 Wazwaan recipes

2. 7 Non-Vegetarian recipes

3. 21 Vegetarian Recipes

4. 8 Mutton and Vegetable

5. 9 recipes prepared from fish and 1 recipe prepared from duck

6. 2 Dried Vegetables

7. 4 Recipes using rice

8. 4 Desserts

9. 4 Beverages

10. Snacks and Tea-Time Savories

11. 4 Chutneys

12. 1 Pickle

13. 2 Spice Cakes (garlic and asafoetida based)

The excellent points present in the book are:

a. Different varieties of recipes have been shared by the author.

b. The author gives a vivid introduction about the Kashmiri cuisine-right from seasonal dishes to festive cuisine.

c. The authentic recipes shared from her side are Sadre Kaenz, Sheer Chai, bakery products, harisa, girda, etc.

d. She discusses the use and prevention of certain spices and vegetables during festivals and seasons as described in traditional books.

e. Very clear colored photographs for various dishes are showcased in the book (this even includes the traditional copper utensils used for different purposes).

f. Her major contribution lies in the sharing of recipes using dried vegetables.

g. This is the only book sharing the recipe for a beverage called Barbribyol Sherbet (beverage prepared from chia seeds) and sadr-e-kaenz-a fermented rice water).

The weak points of the book are:

a. The sections on non-vegetarian and mutton and vegetable could have been taken into one category only.

b. The author was not fair in her contribution towards the discussion and listing of the Wazwaan dishes.

c. Although the author mentions about various bakery products in the Introduction of her book, however, there is nowhere mentioned or discussed about the manner in which these products are prepared by the Kandarvaan or the baker's shop.

d. The author is not shown much attention towards the preparations of various dishes from the discharged vegetables.

e. There are other varieties of pickles prepared in Kashmir. The author misses her points in it too.

To summarize in the end, the book is truly an introduction to the world of Kashmiri cuisine. The author describes the steps in a very lucid manner and one can follow them nicely. I enjoyed cooking some of the recipes from the book.

Source by Ramani Swarna

Books of Milorad Pavic

All works of Milorad Pavic, without exception, are masterpieces. Each is unique in its kind, and leaves a trace in memory. His novels can finally satisfy your aesthetic hunger and the aftertaste is long …

He uses metaphors, that is why he can be described by metaphors. He is like Bach's music, and like any genius is difficult to explain.

His books have a therapeutic effect, because the reality he creates is not certain. As soon as you find the path of reality, and start thinking- here is my familiar world where the laws of everyday life are in force – you immediately fall into dream. Somebody said that he writes as we dream. The world he offers is not definite and final. You need to relax and plunge into his fantastic reality. One of the heroines from Terrifying Love Stories explained our need of control using chess as example. She said something like this.

Take a black chessman and under the black paint you will see its white soul of the tree from which it is made. I want to say that it does not matter how the chessmen different from outside, all of them, black and white are, in fact, half white- half black and the struggle between black and white is inside each of them. This inner struggle can not be affected by chess moves that you think about. The game involves not so much the two warring armies; the field on which they move is also involved. As soon as they are on a black field, black in white and black in black, that is, evil spirits in the people and evil spirits in the evil spirits draw strength from this dark surface of this dark ground. Conversely, as soon as they appear on a white field, the support comes to the light, which is in the humans and the evil spirits playing in the party. So not only light and dark secrets have the fight inside of the chess figures, but the ground benefit their feet is also involved. How can you have your pathetic moves to influence the outcome of events? Why play a game in which you are no one and nothing?

Pavic's books are mystical, amazing and deep. His texts are reach, many phrases may become a famous quote. In one of the stories Pavic talks about beauty, that it is so hard to create, so much effort is spent on it. In contact with the beautiful, we feel relieved, knowing that when the overall energy in the world was distributed, we were released from a known amount of labor. The efforts of others, invested in the beauty, reduced our share of fatigue, saved from a certain expenditure of energy, that is why we can enjoy it. In beauty we just rest …

While reading Milorad Pavic's books you just rest …

Source by Laura Legend

Most Popular Stress Relief Management Audio Books

Are you one of those people who have enough sleep hours but do not feel like rested at all? Sleep is in some ways different from rest in the first place. Rest is the total relaxation of your mind and body whereas sleep is limited only to its very definition as a natural state of bodily rest. Your body may have rested but, your mind probably has not. Unconsciously, your mind could have been still worrying about your overdue bills, your problems at the office, or your faithful husband who has not come home yet since yesterday.

As what Confucius has said, "Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." Literally, every one of us led a complex life. Even babies have complicated lives too. And too many complications primarily lead to stress. Everyday, a lot of people get to experience stress very frequently and it has severely affected their used to be normal ways of life as well as their physical and mental health. This is the main reason why more and more people are seeking all the possible ways and assistance to help them lessen stress. Stress relief is not as simple and as easy as it may seem. To become fully and successfully relieved from stress, you need professional assistance or suggestions from people who have dedicated their lives understanding the very meaning of stress and the importance of a stress free life.

But then, instead of literally going outside and having a serious conversation from a real life professional, your computer can provide you enough assistance to help you live that stress free life. I'm not talking about a computer with built in reaching arms that can give you that massage therapy you've been wanting to have. With just a few clicks and taps on your keyboard, you get to access a number of audio books that can properly guide you towards a stress free life. These books are not like any other ordinary books as they are the so called talking books and all you got to do is listen and relax.

A lot of stress management audio books are offered on the internet; you can easily download them in no time. One of the many popular audio books that are out now in the Internet is the "8 Principles of Spiritual Living" by Anthony Strano. In this audio book, Anthony Strano shares all his secrets and principles towards our lives' inner stability and joy. These very principals that he's very much willing to share with everyone are mere products of all the experiences and experiences that Strano has made over his 20 years of practicing life's spirituality. Popular categories included in the book are stress management, personal growth, and health and fitness. The audio book's regular price is $ 7.92 but it can be downloaded today with only $ 5.75.

"A Guide to Eliminating Stress and Anxiety" by Andy Guides is another audio book that has also been cleared the racks these days. This audio book talks about the serious case of stress and anxiety and the effective ways of dealing with them. Andy Guides himself has experienced the same stress and anxiety that everyone has had. What he did to effectively deal with these things can be heard in his audio book at only $ 10.99. One category included in his audio book is alternative therapies against stress and anxiety.

Another audio book to look out for still coming from Andy Guides titled "A Guide to Guided Relaxation". The whole 2 hours and 59 minute length of the book is packed with all the necessary tools for a guided relaxation, its benefits, the effects of stress, guide to a proper yoga, restful sleeping, imagery relaxation, and a whole lot more. At $ 10.99, you get to instantly download this self-help audio book and reap the benefits of effectively managing your stress.

Break ups are also a potential source of stress for anyone. In some foreign countries, this has been leading cause for suicide. This is the main reason why Dr. James E. Walton made his book, "After Breaking Up: Healing the Heart and Finding Happiness". This one hour and 15 minutes audio book deals with the positive growth from negative experiences, effective ways towards full recovery, moving on with life, the differences between men and women upon break ups, the importance of sharing the problem with other people, the helpful benefits of hypnosis for such problem, and a lot more. At $ 7.99, you get to quickly download this short spanned yet extremely helpful audio book.

In the past years, hypnosis has been regarded as an effective medical practice for pain relief and some surgical procedures. Andy Guide's "A Guide to Hypnosis" audio book reveals to us that such practice can go further and can be used for a lot of healthier purposes. With Andy Guide's audio book, you get to effectively choose a competent hypnosis instructor, the benefits of hypnosis, how hypnosis can help deal with diabetes, and a lot more. This 3 hours and 10 minutes audio book is easily downloadable at the price of $ 10.99.

Other than the ones mentioned above, the internet showcases a lot more audio books that have become popular not just because of its author, but also with all the benefits it can deliver to anyone who cares to listen.

Source by Jim Oneil

Essential Strength Books – Beyond Brawn by Stuart McRoberts

A hardgainer is a person with a skinny build that has trouble putting on muscle mass. I had followed Stuart McRobert's for a while before picking up a copy of Beyond Brawn. I am currently 6'8 "and normally weight between 240-250. Back when I received my first driver's license, I was 6'7 "and weighed 150lbs. Much of the progress I've been able to make was following the methods I'd read about in hardgainer.

I've always been a fan of McRobert's writing style and his obvious passion for strength training. He is a strong man who has acquired a substantial wealth of knowledge about the Iron Game. Have you ever met someone who was so passionate about something that you could not help but get excited when you heard them talk about it? That's how I felt when (do not laugh) the dean of my library school talked about cataloging. He raved about it like a fiery Baptist preacher, and it was impossible not get revved up about it. (This feeling faded immediately after he left the room).

Stuart McRobert's writing fires you up from page one and sticks with you. Too often, books about training are tired rehashes of what's already been said a billion times before. Lists of recycled bullet points. Lots of tough talk but not enough humility. When someone who has achieved something I want is also willing to say "Look, I've made a ton of mistakes in my training over the years. By the end of any of the Die Hard movies, John Mclane has always been beaten within an inch of his life. He does heroic things, but we know he's going to get a good thrashing by the time he's sorted everyone out.

McRoberts does not pretend he knows it all and he admits his mistakes. He focuses so much on his mistakes, in fact, that-it sounds a little silly-you get to know him by the end of the book. He does not come off as a guru, but as a normal guy who figured out how to get strong. Larger-than-life figures are hard to identify with, unless you're in the larger-than-life club. A man's humanity is never on display as fully as he admits that he is vulnerable to the same mistakes, injuries, and insecurities as anyone else.

There are two major selling points to this book.

1. McRoberts is a person to admire

He is humble but incredibly knowledgeable. His desire to help others comes through on every page.

And that gives me a chance to deftly segue into …

point number 2:

The content. You want comprehensive? You got it

Anyone who puts "Encyclopedia" on the cover of any book is either a ballsy poser who prays to make some money before they get exposed, or they are somebody like Stuart McRobert. Encyclopaedic knowledge is broad in scope and depth. You only get encyclopedic content in two ways: either a team of smart people work on tons of little articles together to prepare for the next edition, or one person pays their dues, pays attention, and takes their time (years!) Synthesizing their knowledge for the teeming masses.

Flip through Beyond Brawnand it is quickly handsome that you're dealing with an encyclopedia. Maybe you're not naturally a curious person and you just like to throw heavy things around. If picking up the latest copy of the Brittanica does not get your motor running, let me reassure you that BB is a thrill ride of a book for strength seekers.

A Summary of McRobert's Philosophy

  • It is a privilege to train hard
  • Most people who work out have no idea what "hard" training is
  • Short attention spans and information overload are preventing most people from the results they want
  • It takes brutally hard work to get those results, but it is not complicated.
  • Squat, Deadlift, and Bench if your body is healthy enough.
  • Do not get hurt.
  • When in doubt, train less frequently, not more.
  • Practice Proper Nutrition
  • Get enough rest

Sounds like a lot of other books, does not it?

It is not. He is able to say the "same old things" in a way that will resonate with you. He is also adept at illustrating what methods do not work without being condescending to anyone practicing them. More than anything, he is sad and frustrated for people engaged in a noble pursuit, but who are wasting the training prime of their lives spinning their wheels.

Beyond Brawn has no pictures. Very little formatting. Just block paragraph after block paragraph of smart, applicable information that you can benefit from immediately. I've never read a book this thick this fast, and I read a lot of big, fat books. There is not a dud line or paragraph in the entire volume.

As I said before, most important is the mindset and the passion that McRobert's has … his respect for the pursuit of strength. If you have any interest in strength, positive thinking, or achieving goals, you need to read this book. It is equal parts self-help, road map to might, reference tool, and pep talk masterpiece for the days when you need the boost to get back on track.

Read it read it read it, then read it again. "Empower" is not a word I'm able to use very often without rolling my eyes. Too corporate-speak. But Beyond Brawn will make you feel empowered. You'll be itching to get after it by the second page.

Source by Josh Hanagarne

The Significance of E-Books

E-Books are virtual books used to display information on any subject on the digital medium. This has made the task of Internet users easier to publish any kind of information. It is easy to create these electronic books on the Internet. This format is accessible and portable on multiple platforms. Computer users can have access to these digital books on any system with different configuration. You can open and view the digital books on the computer system easily. The original format does not change. If you create the digital book in an appropriate format, you can easily reduce the size of the file. Here, one can accommodate more than hundred pages in the electronic book. It is also easy to store and carry the digital book in portable devices like pen drive, Digital Video Disc or iPod.

Importance of E-Books:

The significance of electronic books is that they can be used for several purposes. You can use e-Books for promoting online business. An entrepreneur can write informative or promotional content for alluring the potential web visitors towards the company website. This enables you to promote the products and services online and build favorable company reputation. An e-Book can carry thousands of pages. One can make available any kind of information on the Internet through electronic books. An organization can create manuals, newsletters, reports or presentations. You can use digital books for educational purposes such as tutorials and e-notes. One can create digital books on science or medical field and on other such subjects. Universities can organize for imparting education to the distant learning students through Internet. They can provide digital books on various subjects to these students and make learning easier as well as fun. Even authors can publish their work online like poems, novels, fiction stories, rhymes and much more. Authors can also receive feedback from the readers for their work on the Internet. You can add animation or graphics along with other such content in the digital books.

E-Books can be published in variety of formats such as PDF, HTML, Word document and much more. These formats make your task of publishing content easy and smooth. You can create e-books in different file formats and for this you can also use conversion software like word to PDF converter and make e-books creation easy and smooth.

Source by Wilet Ritz

The Benefits of Traditional Textbooks Over EBooks

Many people say traditional textbooks are on their way out. To some, this is still far from being wholly truthful. There will still be students and book readers who will always prefer printed copies over ebooks. Thus, it is to be expected that even if ebooks become the more common and broadly used form of reference materials, traditional books will still exist.

Some experts assert that the fate of printed books will be like the fate of cassettes in the past. When CDs first became popular, there were still many cassette users who have sworn not to abandon cassette players and tapes. But ever, CDs apparently became more preferred and used. Of course, some people still prefer cassettes.

In the case of traditional textbooks versus ebooks, many are still thinking it is impossible for printed books to become obsolese. The following benefits of printed reference materials compared to electronic formats may change your opinion about this matter.

Printed books can be truly 'owned'

Many users feel truly 'owning' the printed books they purchase. Full ownership may be obtained by making an item a part of the owner. To many, that can be in the form of physically owning the material and even writing in it. Ownership is not just physical but also irrevocable. You may agree that owning a right to read content of a digital file is different from owning a book that will sit next to you.

Printed books can be lent or borrowed

One of the disadvantages of ebooks is that those can never be loaned or borrowed, unless you agree to hand over your ereader or device to others, which can be awkward or uncomfortable on your part. eBook distributors make sure the downloaded content upon purchase can not be re-distributed or shared to others. Thus, a traditional book has the advantage of being able to serve as many readers or students during its life span.

Printed reference materials offer experience

Traditional books facilitate tactile experience. In comparison, ebooks are reducing books into mere words. That is where the major difference sets in. Conventional books can be held, touched, and even smelled — experiences that combine to make books. In contrast, ebooks create experiences similar to playing videos and shuffling music-forgettable and not worthwhile.

Used books are advantageous

And who can ignore the usefulness of used reference materials? Traditional textbooks can be bought new (expensive) or used (much cheaper). There are still other options when buying conventional books. That is why ebooks will always be costly as you can never find used eBook copies across the Internet.

Source by Jules Mariano

The Reason Why People Have Penny Books For Sale on Amazon

Anyone spending any time at all on Amazon will notice the penny books for sale. And there are not just one or two copies for sale but sometimes hundreds of copies. Do people really make money selling books for a penny? Why do they list them for only a penny? I know curiosity drives some people to pursue an answer because they are wondering if they are missing a sales opportunity. The one sure way to get flamed in the Amazon forums is to ask these questions there. You will promptly be scolded for not searching for an answer prior to posting the question. After all, the logic goes; This question is asked about once an hour on the forums and has been answered hundreds of times. Just look it up!

The only problem is I have looked it up and the explanations given in the "answer" are partial answers at best. So I have decided to stick my neck out, go on the record, and attempt a more thorough answer. After all, if you are an expert in online book selling you should be able to answer this one right? It's like the number of angels dancing on the head of a pin for a theologic or why the Detroit Lions can not win a super bowl for a sports analyst (or win a game for that matter). So sit back, relax, and let me explain.

The first concept to understand is a product called a re-pricer. This product will check each listing you have on a venue like Amazon and compare your price with all other current listings and then update your price for that item based on rules you set. You can choose for example to be the cheapest, the most expensive or in the middle of the pack price wise. You also have some control over how often your re-pricer will run. This is typically a stand alone product you purchase, a web based service, or some avenues even have it built in like The tool is based on the theory that people will buy the cheapest product that meets their needs.

This has been validated to a great extent by the new media venue which recently went online to compete with larger retail sites. When you go there to buy you will only see the cheapest listing for any one product in a particular condition. If you look for a book you will see one price for new and one for excellent for example. When you list an item to sell there you are given a recommended price for that item at its condition and when you enter your desired price they give you your location in the queue. Until you are the cheapest one (first in the queue) you will not have a chance at a sale.

The second concept understands understanding the priorities in the day-to-day activities of a large commercial online bookstore. Let's say you have 20,000 books online and are selling 100+ books a day. You get paid when books sell. This means you have to list books to sell them. Once they sell you have to get them in the mail ASAP to keep Amazon and your buyer happy. The more you list the more you sell and the more you make. That is your priority and to keep overhead down you hire just enough staff to ensure you get your priorities done in a timely fashion.

The last concept to understand is acceptable profit. What I mean by that is where do you look to judge your success? Do you feel like a failure if you do not make a profit on each item sold or do you look at the overall numbers and judge based on them. When I was running an on-line bookstore I was happy when overhead was under five grand and total sales were over fifteen grand. I figured if I lost a few dollars on a few books a month it was acceptable given my overall profit. After all no one is perfect.

Now let's walk through the scenario. You have set the re-pricer to run four times a day on your inventory inventory. You have left it configured with the default value of $ .01 for the bottom price and you want to be the cheapest by $ .03. You then leave your inventory in the hands of the re-pricer and concentrate on listing new books. All the books you list for sale start out with a price of at least $ 4.00. One particular book you have listed has a competitor that is also running a re-pricer set to be the cheapest by $ .02 and also left the default of $ .01 as the bottom price. Your re-pricer sees his price at $ 3.98 and reprices your copy of the book to $ 3.95. His re-pricer notices on the next pass that you are cheaper and lowers his price to $ 3.93.

This process continues until you are both at $ .01. You do not really notice though because you would have to allocate time to look for this. Once identified you would have to pay someone to find the book on the shelf, de-list it from your routes and then pay to have it disposed of. You are not only paying for this whole process but you are also diverting resources away from listing new books, thus reducing the number of books you sell. The cost to you then to eliminate the penny books is much more than selling the book and shipping it at a penny. When shelf space becomes tight and you need to eliminate the older books not sold to make room for new ones that will sell you systematically eliminate the lower priced older books and dispose of them. I used to do this once every six months or so. By doing it once or twice a year you can optimize the process and keep the effect on your sales to a minimum.

In summary, that is why there are penny books. No one starts out selling books at a penny. It is just the results of using the re-pricer technology. So relax, you are not missing anything really. There is no secret of the penny books. One more thing before I go. The humorous part to the re-pricer is the newbie book seller that typically checks the price of his hundred or so books everyday. He notices every time he lowers his price you soon lower yours. He then tries different strategies like lowering the price to near nothing and then setting it very high. He begins to take your actions personally. Imagining you are setting at your computer day and night changing your price just to annoy him. I have actually received email from these sellers almost threatening me bodily harm. I had to explain they were trying to outsmart my re-pricer and it would always win.

Source by Carissa Camden